The Farm

Rusholme Grange is a small family farm, run by farmer Phil. If he is not too busy he will be pleased to take you for a tour round the farm.

 The Crops

horsesWe mainly grow wheat, which we harvest in August. The other crop we grow is oil seed rape. During spring it is a sea of bright yellow. It is the first crop harvested.

The Wind

The Wind TurbinesIn 2011 Rusholme Windfarm was completed. We have eight turbines across the farm. Please walk right up to them and see how quiet they swoosh round.

The Horses

More horsesWe have a small livery yard on the farm. Come and meet the horses.

The Hens

The chickensWe have three egg laying hens. If you would like to collect eggs please ask.

The Dog And The Cat

Molly The DogWe have a dog named Molly, the cocker spaniel who will try to persuade you that she’s never fed and that she needs her tummy tickled. We also have a very elusive ginger farm cat named George.